7 Wondrous Breads to Make When You’re Tired of Sourdough

This bread comes with a side of fortune-telling. With active dry yeast in short supply, many home-bakers who are sheltering in place have succumbed to the siren song of sourdough. But people have produced bread without yeast across history, cultures, and climes, leaving an incredible array of styles to […]

The History of Ladies’ Auxiliary Cookbooks and How They Helped Raise Funds for Charities in the South

Long before you could pull up an ingredient list on your phone in the grocery store or email a link to a must-make recipe to your sister across the country, women shared favorites through paperback community cookbooks . These cookbooks were more than just a compilation of typed recipes; […]

The Not So Holly Jolly History of Gingerbread

Secondo lo storico della gastronomia Tori Avey, le prime ricette di pan di zenzero risalgono al 2400 a.C. I biscotti induriti a cui pensiamo oggi, tuttavia, non sono nati in Europa fino al Medioevo, quando i biscotti di pan di zenzero sono diventati un alimento base delle fiere locali. I biscotti di pan di zenzero tendevano a cambiare forma a seconda della stagione; gli uccelli erano comuni in autunno, per esempio, così come i fiori in primavera. Ma i biscotti avevano spesso anche la forma di animali o royalty, e non era raro che la nobiltà, oltre alla glassa, vestisse i biscotti con foglie d’oro. […]

Le ricette più antiche al mondo decodificate

A team of international scholars versed in culinary history, food chemistry and cuneiform studies has been recreating dishes from the world’s oldest-known recipes. The evolution of a lamb stew, me-e puhadi, is still prevalent in Iraq today.  The evolution of a lamb stew, me-e puhadi, is still prevalent in Iraq today (Credit: Credit: The Yarvin Kitchen/Alamy) The instructions for lamb stew read more like a list of ingredients than a bona fide recipe: “Meat is used. You prepare water. You add fine-grained salt, dried barley cakes, […]