Le ricette più antiche al mondo decodificate

A team of international scholars versed in culinary history, food chemistry and cuneiform studies has been recreating dishes from the world’s oldest-known recipes. The evolution of a lamb stew, me-e puhadi, is still prevalent in Iraq today.  The evolution of a lamb stew, me-e puhadi, is still prevalent in Iraq today (Credit: Credit: The Yarvin Kitchen/Alamy) The instructions for lamb stew read more like a list of ingredients than a bona fide recipe: “Meat is used. You prepare water. You add fine-grained salt, dried barley cakes, […]

No, il gelato alla vaniglia non era nero

Vanilla ice cream used to be black, but racism turned it white, according to a Facebook post that credits someone’s grandmother as the source for this tidbit of supposed culinary history. “My grandma lived to be 102,” the May 15 post says. “She told us in her days, the […]

Pie Fidelity: In Defence of British Food review – non c’è bisogno di deridere 

In Pie Fidelity, l’autore usa questo senso di divisione personale come base per un’esplorazione più ampia della cultura alimentare britannica, che egli suggerisce si muove lungo linee simili – tra le sue radici storiche, la classe operaia e una nuova ossessione per l’esotismo.

An Archive of Menus Shows Dubliners’ Changing Tastes

Photo by Erin McGuire On 17 February 1906, a group of Freemasons in Clontarf dined on oysters, then slurped on a choice of turtle or hare soup. After that, they chomped through the fish course: turbot and lobster sauce or filleted sole. The “releve” course was boiled chicken and […]