Zeppolle and Zabaglione, circa 1570 (from Bartolomeo Scappi)

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I discovered the cookbook of Bartolomeo Scappi this summer at a medieval food lab (yep, I’m a dork), and was so diverted by the wonderful recipes in the book that I quickly added a few of them to my queue. … Although Scappi provides much more detail about his methods of cooking, as well as proportions for ingredients, these recipes fought back a little. It took a few tries, and even now, I’ll probably take another crack at them to try and perfect the recipes. For those unfamiliar with these dishes, they are traditional Italian desserts. Zeppole are like little fried doughnut holes, and Zabaglione is like a thick alcoholic pudding.

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Carluccio and the Renaissance Cookbook

The BBC airs an hour long documentary on [Bartolomeo Scappi ->@wiki] and his Opera on 27 December at 8pm. The Indepedent has seen a preview and is very positive:

Carluccio and the Renaissance Cookbook gives us an insight into the excesses and flights of fancy of Italian Renaissance cookery, with its fashionable emphasis on sugar and spice. What I remember most, however, is an extreme close-up of a barbecue spit popping out through a suckling pig’s bum.