Leuven University Library acquires first edition of Koocboec

The University Library of KU Leuven adds a copy of the 1st edition of the Koocboec to its collection. The acquisition has been financed by the Jan Roegiersfonds, established by the former head librarian of the university.

Garrelt Verhoeven met het 'Koocboec' van Magirus
Garrelt Verhoeven with a copy of the 1st edition of the ‘Koocboec’ of Magirus recently acquired by the KU Leuven. The important cookery book was first printed in Leuven in 1612. – Photo: Rob Stevens – (c) KU Leuven – Foto: Rob Stevens – (c) KU Leuven

Koock-boeck-exemplaar uit 1655 online

The Koock-book copy that is kept in the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam can now be accessed online. The UvA acquired this copy in 2010 from the estate of the Flemish ethnographer Hervé Stalpaert (1914-1981), as we previously reported. The edition was printed in Antwerp by Martin Verhulst.  You can browse through the book and zooming is also possible. Below is a screenshot of the interface.

Koock-boekc 1655 UvA
Koock-boeck 1655 UvA