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Pie Fidelity: In Defence of British Food review – no need to scoff

In Pie Fidelity, the author uses this sense of personal division as the basis for a wider exploration of Britain’s food culture, which he suggests is riven along similar lines – between its historical, working-class roots and a newfangled obsession with exoticism.

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Exhibition by culinary photographer Tony Le Duc inspired by the cookbook of Magirus

Until 13 January 2019, the exhibition “Cokeryen. Photo, film, food by Tony Le Duc” can be visited in the Antwerp museum Snijders&Rockoxhuis. The exhibition takes place within the framework of the cultural city festival ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires’. More information and the full programme can be found at

Le Duc is inspired by baroque food still lifes by Flemish Baroque painter Frans Snijders and his contemporaries, but also by the cookbook of Antonius Magirus. With new photo and video work, he provides a different view of Baroque. Literally and figuratively.

In the garden of the Snijders house hangs a large Le Duc photo inspired by the olla podrida recipe in the cookbook of Antonius Magirus
In the garden of the Snijders house hangs a large Le Duc photo inspired by the olla podrida recipe in the cookbook of Antonius Magirus

Tony Le Duc makes a selection from the recipes of the past and presents them to 15 Antwerp chefs to have them make a contemporary version of the old recipe. Le Duc photographs the new interpretations of the dishes. He makes use of 17th-century colour palette, the stratification and the transient, the vanitas, but in an idiosyncratic baroque image of 2018.

For as long as the exhibition is on the menu, some fifteen Antwerp chefs will serve a contemporary interpretation of a recipe from Magirus’ cookbook in their restaurants. These are more than three months to enjoy the baroque cuisine of the 21st century with all your senses. More info on the restaurant project.

The texts on Magirus accompanying the photographs and for the exhibition catalogue were written by Hilde Sels and Jozef Schildermans.