Scottish ‘Fired Puddings’

Among these forgotten delights is one which I rank as one of my all-time-favourite foods, so much-loved that I would prefer a single forkful of this humble dish any day to an all-expenses-paid night out with the full tasting menu at El Bulli or The Fat Duck. … This homely Scottish dish was designed not by some culinary high priest …, but by a forgotten Caledonian cook who was truly inspired by the angels. He or (more likely she) really understood that the best food is simply the simplest. … The earliest printed recipe appeared in 1773 in a little book called Cookery and Pastry by a Mrs Susannah Maciver, who ran a cookery school in the city of Edinburgh, though the dish is probably much older.
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Cooks and Queens (ebook)

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Foodies, history buffs, and all-around Anglophiles will enjoy this delectable eBook about the evolution of English cuisine. The author has done her research – with the use of historical references and her own taste buds. Each section focuses on a pivotal era in English history, detailing what sort of food was consumed based on resources that were available at the time.

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