Third copy of first print of the Koocboec discovered

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A third complete copy of the first edition of the Koocboec oft Familieren Keukenboec van Antonius Magirus from 1612 was discovered in a Belgian private collection.

The discovery was made by Etienne Coudeville, jury president of the Silver Ladle , an annual culinary competition organized in cooperation with the West Flemish edition of the local newspaper Streekkrant. Coincidently, this contest celebrates this year (2010) its 35th anniversary.

I have now seen the copy and can confirm its authenticity. Only one copy of the first edition of the Koocboec exists in a public library, namely the Royal Library in Brussels. The other remaining copy is kept in a Dutch private collection.

Origin of the copy

The current owner bought his copy of the 1612 edition of the Koocboec in Bonn during his vacation in Germany in the beginning of the seventies. He bought it in a small shop run by an elderly lady who also collected cookbooks, but only in German. Because she could not read the book and didn’t know in which language it was written, she decided to sell it. The current owner paid 25 German marks.

Condition of the new copy

Magirus druk 1612 exemplaar Etienne Coudeville band

The copy is in reasonable condition. Probable water damaged the paper slightly, but the type area is everywhere intact. The model looks complete, although we still have to examine it in detail. The paper is fragile. The book is bound in a light brown parchment binding with no inscription. It is not clear whether this is the original band. In the blank final pages are handwritten notes from previous owners. We still have to decipher these. It is already clear that this copy was in the possession of someone from Oostmalle in Antwerp on May 28, 1844.

Other copies of the Koocboec

So far only five complete copies of the Koocboec were known: two copies of the first Leuven edition from 1612 , two of the Antwerp reprint from 1655 and one of the Antwerp reprint of 1663. Only three public libraries have a copy: the Royal Library in Brussels (first edition 1612), the Heritage Library in Antwerp (reprint of 1663) and the Library of the University of Amsterdam (reprint of 1655). In a Dutch private collection there are two additional copies: one of the first edition and one of the second edition.

Nvdr.: On October 10, 2015 the Library of the University of Louvain acquirend this copy of the first edition.

Transcriptie van eerste druk Koocboec uit 1612 gratis beschikbaar

The transcription of the 1612 edition of the Koocboec by Antonius Magirus is available for download. You can use it for scientific or non-commercial purposes, as long as you properly cite the source. For any commercial use contact Hilde Sels and Marleen Willebrands beforehand.
Transcription Koocboec oft familieren keukenboek by Antonius Magirus (1612) – PDF
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